Nurse Calls Out Child Oncology Healthcare Worker Refusing to be Vaccinated

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Source: @sammyyyh on TikTok

In a viral video, a healthcare worker cries and complains that her hospital’s vaccination requirement will shut down a treatment center for childhood cancer. A nurse then reposted the viral video with her own comments concerning what the healthcare worker was complaining about.

The nurse, who is on TikTok as @sammyyyh, opens the video with pondering why this health care works with “arguably the most vulnerable,” which is children who are suffering from cancer, and does not understand the importance of receiving a vaccination, which would help to protect not only herself but the patients around her as well. The original health care worker opened the video saying that if she was fired because she would not receive a vaccination, she could find another job and was therefor not worried about herself. Instead, she claims that if her hospital fires people over vaccination records, it would “affect a lot of families” and that the “pediatric oncology department for the whole state would shut down.” The TikTok user, @sammyyyh, asks the healthcare worker why she does not understand not only the importance behind the vaccination but why her job would then require for her to receive it. She also goes on to reveal that the original TikToker is not a nurse, but claims to have worked in the medical field for an elongated period of time. She then asks the original TikToker what type of qualifications she must have in order to decide that it is okay to not receive the vaccination, especially since many experts have urged both those who are in and who are not in the medical field to receive their vaccination. She also points out that the original TikToker has many coworkers that believe the same thing that she does about her anti vaccination policies, and comment that it may be in the best interest of the patients if the clinic were to be shut down, since it appears many of the fellow workers are refusing to trust or believe the science or experts.

Though TikTok seems to be a hot pot for controversy, especially for things that are as important as the topic of Covid-19 and vaccinations, there was hardly any controversy in this nurse’s comments. The comments poured in support for @sammyyh and her comments, and agreed with her that this health care worker should not be around children, especially vulnerable children like mentioned in the video. One person even joked that the original poster was probably the receptionist, since she did not specify what she did in the medical field.

Regardless of her position, many are in agreement that those who refuse to be vaccinated should not be the ones who are working in the medical field.


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