Nurse Exposed for Hateful Comments After a TikToker’s Complimation Exposes Him Via TikTok

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After posting controversial, often racist or homophobic viewpoints, a nurse on TikTok by the user @conservativecoy1776 was exposed in a video compilation of intolerant views posted by TikTok user @rx0rcist. She notes that “freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences.”


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TikTok’s Response

The video has since gotten attention from many as the original user who posted these harmful videos, Nathan, works in healthcare. The video has over six thousand comments with 130,000 likes. His account is now private, but many are still commenting on the harmful things he has spread about not only other people but also about COVID-19, which again is worrisome as Nathan works in healthcare. The TikToker who posted the original compilation Savannah noted that she contacted his place of work and also the Alabama board of nursing. Savannah was able to identify him, along with his place of work, by his work badge that he often had attached to him in his hateful videos. Nathan allegedly has since been fired.

Many of the comments were in support of Savannah’s decision to contact his job, as many believe one’s workplace should know about the hateful things someone is spreading while wearing a work badge that represents that place of work. One person commented, “Oh please tell me this man is not in healthcare.” One user writes that “Scrubs… that’s concerning.”

How Reddit Also Became Involved

The video has since also made its way to Reddit on r/ByeByeJob. One user comments “His overall hateful attitude sucks but it especially infuriates me to see people in the healthcare field spouting off conspiracies about covid. ‘Fauci paid to have it created,’ or ‘There are two sides to science, people who say masks are good and those that say they’re bad.'” This was why many were concerned that Nathan was working in healthcare, as he was spreading not only hateful views but also views that were misinforming the public. One person also writes “You have to remember: sometimes people just want certain jobs because it’s a well-paying job. They don’t care or believe in what they’re doing… they just want a paycheque. There’s no legal requirement that you have to be passionate about what you do for work.” These are things to remember when it comes to understanding why those who work in healthcare seem to disagree with the science and research or also believe harmful things against other people.

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