Olivia Wilde Claims Jason Sudeikis Does Not Pay Any Child Support

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Olivia Wilde is claiming that Jason Sudeikis does not pay any child support for their two kids.

As many recall, the couple dated from 2011 to 2020 and share two children together. On Tuesdays April 4th, The Blast published documents from Wilde. The star is asking a judge to order the Ted Lasso star to pay “retroactive” child support money. In addition, the request asks for $500,000 to cover legal fees.

“While Jason and I have been splitting certain expenses for the children, such as their school tuition, I have been bearing 100 per cent of the costs of the children’s care when they are with me, including, but not limited to, their food, clothing, childcare, extracurricular activities, and transportation costs.”

Last year, Sudeikis served custody papers to Wilde on stage while presenting for her film Don’t Worry Darling. Apparently, Sudeikis was unaware of when the papers would be served, but the event went viral online.

“While I have yet to receive specific financial information from Jason, my understanding and belief is that he is wealthier than I am and has far greater income,” she said. “I have no reason to believe that Jason would dispute this.

“I am asking the Court to make an order regarding child support so that I can adequately provide for our children commensurate with Jason’s standard of living.

Her lawyers said: “Jason shares equal responsibility with Olivia for the support of their children, yet Olivia has borne the lion’s share of the expenses for their children since the pendency of this action.”


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