People Are Discovering That Music Bleeds From Headphones At a Certain Volume After Viral TikTok

Apparently, we do talk about Bruno...
By Gabrielle Fiorella

In a TikTok that has gone viral, a user surprisingly discovered that your headphones can leak the music you’re listening to when you’re playing it at a certain volume, being past 70%. She was horrified to find out people could hear what she was listening to. “Just found out that if ur headphone volume is past 70% ppl can hear ur music and now I’m thinking of all the times I thought I looked hot and mysterious but ppl could hear me listening to Encanto,” she wrote in the video’s overlay text.


dumb b!tch tok 🙃#AFairShotWithBlock #fyp

♬ original sound – bella amor


The caption continues to express her embarrassment, saying “dumb bitch tok.” Apparently, Lee’s tech-savvy friend was the one to finally break the news to her about her headphones. “I could always kind of hear [the sound] sometimes like if I took my earbuds that had wires on them they would bleed a little.”

Image: @lauren_el_lee | TikTok

“But I was like, if it’s in my ear, then it should be fine.” Well according to her friend, that’s not the case at all. He said that all headphones and earbuds bleed when at a volume higher than 70%. Lee revealed that upon learning about this, she fully just decided to embrace her music choices anyway, listening to Encanto’s hit song We Don’t Talk About Bruno. “I was like ah how awkward for me, but unfortunately I like what I like so if I’m enjoying the song, I’m kind of in my own world with it… I take public transit on the subway and I really don’t think out of all the crazy people out there that anybody is mad about my Encanto music. Hopefully.” she said. Embrace your music choices people, we love to hear the diversity through your headphones.