Pilates is the Newest Trend on TikTok

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If you frequent TikTok, you might be aware of different health and wellness trends often go viral online. From the hot girl walk to “healthy Coke,” TikTok users are always trying the newest wellness trend to see if the hype surrounding it is true. Right now, Pilates is one of those things. According to the Cleveland Clinic, pilates can help give you “a good balance of flexibility, strength, muscle tone and help for a few aches and pains, there may be an answer that’s easier to get into than you think. ” The exercise concentrates on each movement, using your abdomen and lower back, and focuses on controlled breathing. Many creators on TikTok are claiming that this exercise is making the most change to their bodies than anything they’ve ever done.


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One TikToker, Katy, is a pilates instructor and says that the exercise is “low impact,” meaning it is not hard on joints like other exercises such as squats or running. She says that although some people enjoy rigorous workouts, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to difficult exercises in order to see results or be healthy. Her videos focus o showing people how they can get started from home. Although Pilates has a reputation for being expensive, many instructors offer online videos for free.


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But why are some people swearing by Pilates? Although some claim it is a miracle worker, it is probably so effective due to the low-impact exercise being more accessible and enjoyable for people. Since you can do it from home with little to no equipment, and it works your muscles without being painful or making you sore for days to come, some might see results quickly because it is the only exercise they can do consistently. Many have said that since they look forward to the workout, the schedule becomes more consistent, which leads to better results.


At the end of the day, no exercise is going to exist as a miracle worker for everyone. Though some have switched to Pilates and might never look back, others prefer lifting weights or different forms of cardio. Since everyone’s bodies are so different, no exercise is going to give the same result across the board. Your workouts should be tailored to your preferences. Whereas Bradley Martyn’s workout routine may not be a great fit for you, there are plenty of great fitness activities to choose from. Many fitness instructors recommend doing what works best for you to see results since you’re most likely to be more consistent doing something that makes you feel your best.


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