Police Officers Use Stun Gun on Unarmed Black High School Student During Protest

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A viral TikTok shows police officers using a stun gun on an unarmed Black high school student during a protest that dove into chaos. The video was shot and took place in Little Elm, Texas where a high school was protesting an alleged sexual assault involving another student. Where the students claim the principal did nothing about it while placing the victim in ISS (in-school suspension) and letting the abuser go free.


No Justice, No Peace Ever

Noting that was one of many incidents to happen at this school and the students along with the parents are tired of it. One of the parents claimed in a statement when asked about the situation, “Little Elm “has had a lot of issues with sexual harassment, sexual assaults. My daughter has personally been sexually assaulted at this school.” The school posted a statement saying that this was allegation was inaccurate information that led the student body to start the protest in the first place. The school thought the protest was getting in out of hand so the police were contacted.

The user who posted the video, recorded himself trying to help the student who was getting stunned by the police not once but twice even though he was incapacitated. In the comment section user @kjisgreat, explains the situation in detail, “So for reference, the kid was walking out of the school with the kid in handcuffs,” @kjisgreat wrote in the comments for context. “An officer pushed the kid in the white into another officer. The other officer then pepper-sprayed him for no reason. The kid did retaliate [but] what would you do if you got pushed then pepper-sprayed for no reason?” Finally, someone who acted instead of standing behind their phones and recording. This TikToker did both which led to 600,000 views that might lead to some change.

On Twitter, there are videos showing how the situation escalated even further where it shows police dragging the high school student’s unconscious body. The TikTok user also posted a video of the protest before the police got involved, showing how the protest never really caused a disruption.



The police were called to calm down a protest that got escalated, but they crossed many lines when continuing to tase an unconscious Black high school student.

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