New Wonder Woman Trailer Has Gal Gadot Kicking Serious Ass

  • Gal Gadot as DC Comics’ Wonder Woman.



  • Wonder Woman is back with a solo adventure (and film) of her own. Since introducing Gadot in DC’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, then releasing a trailer at Comic-Con, Wonder Woman hype has been through the roof.

    In the brand new trailer, Gadot show off her bullet-deflecting skills and saves a grateful (and hot) Chris Pine from certain death.

    Check it out right here:

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  • DAMN GURL. Seriously though, I want to book Gadot’s trainer.

    According to E! Online, Gadot’s husband Yaron Versano has felt the need to up his workouts to keep up with his superhero wife.

    “He’s super happy to be married to Wonder Woman. He’s so proud. He’s so happy. He’s my biggest fan and I love him. The only thing that changed is that he started training more because I became so strong.”

  • Here’s a fan reaction to the trailer.

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  • Wow wow wow. Gadot is bringing the heat to “the war that will end all wars”, as she says in the trailer.

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