Natalie Portman Is Jackie Kennedy in the New ‘Jackie’ Trailer

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  • Natalie Portman is starring in Jackie, the upcoming film about legendary first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. In it, Jackie experiences the national tragedy of husband John F. Kennedy’s assassination firsthand. The film also captures her life after the assassination. We’ve seen the first teaser, but this is a longer, more intimate look.

    Just like Eliza Schyuler (that’s a Hamilton reference, plebs), Jackie is out to cement her husband’s legacy. She understands the tragedy that is his death, and must make sure the nation remembers him. Actually, the similarities between Hamilton and Kennedy are quite striking. Both are men brought down by guns. Some believe their own actions led to it. Both left behind wives they had reportedly cheated on. When does JFK get a rap musical?

    Portman’s performance in the trailer looks stunning. The amount of research she put into the role is exhaustive. The Atlantic accent, the look of Kennedy, everything is captured. This looks to be an Oscar favorite in a pretty strong year.

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