Thor Is Still a Bad Roommate

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  • Superheroes are the worst at adult-ing. Just ask Thor.

    If there is one thing that he hasn’t mastered yet, it’s the rules of being a roommate. Or at least, that’s what director Taika Waititi, who’s helming the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, this year’s masterpiece The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and most importantly, Team Thor the first, has to say.

    In the clip, taken from the newly-released Digital HD version of Doctor Strange, Thor and Darryl are discussing rent. Thor’s method of payment? A pumpkin, some golden cups, and Asgardian coins worth “a bazillion human dollars.”

    To be fair, Thor really has no concept of mortal money, but it’s cute that he tried. Not so cute, however, is the fact that he’s basically the token lazy roommate. They make your life difficult, but you can’t live without ’em.

    So, how does the debate over rent end? With Thor coming to the consensus that he and Darryl need a servant? Or with Thor: Ragnarok happening?! Is this how the death of the Gods begins!? With the actions of this vile ‘Darryl’!? I am going to say 100% yes.

    Here’s part one if you want to catch up on Marvel’s most exciting saga that is also about roommates.

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