Jay Sean’s Secret To Staying Hydrated

Add some flavor to your summer with Jay Sean's new tunes and a splash of Hint Water!


  • We here at What’s Trending love the summer — the sweet summer air, catching summer waves, jamming out to our favorite summer tunes and of course, staying hydrated. We caught up with singer/songwriter Jay Sean, who sings one of our favorite summer songs, Do You Love Me, to ask him about his favorite summer trends and how he stays hydrated and cool in this killer heat.

  • If you haven’t heard Jay Sean’s new single, Do You Love Me, add it to your playlist right now! The song is all about Jay Sean’s love/hate relationship with social media. “Everybody has gone a bit mad and self-obsessed. ’What do you think of me, my hair or outfit?’ ‘Is this matching?’ We count the number of likes and read comments on social media. It is unhealthy. It (social media) used to be fun and silly.”

    Jay Sean has created some bangers and if you haven’t heard them, we recommend you change that ASAP. Maybe, Down and Do You Remember all lit up the charts and still remain summer mainstays.

    “I have been lucky enough to pretty much tour the world and see some beautiful places, but nothing feels more like “summer” than the Caribbean for me,” Jay shared with us. “Turks and Caicos or Antigua are probably my favorites.”


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    Jay’s drink of choice whether he’s on tour, the beach, at a party or the gym? ”Hint! Duh! It’s my secret to staying hydrated” he added. “I drink up to a gallon and a half a day of water every day. During my 2 hour workouts, I go thru at least 2 or 3 bottles alone! So you can imagine drinking all that water gets difficult at times so a little extra flavor makes it a little easier and tastier especially when it’s sugar-free! And so many people fail to so. The biggest excuse I hear is ‘it’s so hard to drink that much water’. This is why a naturally flavored water is so much more appealing and can encourage people to drink more water”.His favorite Hint Water flavors? “I love all fruits, to be honest. Strawberry, lime, lemon and watermelon are some of the most refreshing!”


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  • He also revealed his secrets to staying in shape while he’s on the road. “I stick to the same workouts that I normally do- an hour of weights and an hour of cardio a day. But if it’s a beautiful hot day I might do an outdoor run instead of the treadmill. And perhaps you might catch me swinging off some lampposts gettin’ a few chin ups in!”

    While living it up and having the perfect summer is important, Jay knows you have to work hard to play hard, and he has perfect motivation to do so. “The hustle never stops. I do it for my daughter now.”, says Sean, “Not for me. Obviously, I don’t have regular hours so for me, it’s most important to get a balance in my life. Work hard, play hard, laugh hard and make sure I get quality time in with my family. “


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  • No doubt, family, and health is something he takes seriously! “As my granddad said ‘nothing is more important than health.’ You can have all the money in the world but you can’t BUY health once it’s ruined,” Sean emphasized. “Our bodies are our temples we have to treat them well for a long and happy healthy life. I don’t touch anything that is loaded with ingredients I can’t pronounce. I always read labels and only eat or drink things that contain natural ingredients.”

    So remember, if you want to have a good summer, take it from Jay Sean — take a moment to disconnect, grab a Hint Water (raspberry flavored, if possible), enjoy time with family and friends — and don’t forget to do some pull-ups on a lamp post.

    Lastly, Jay Sean has a great mantra that will last you beyond the summer: “Don’t just work for that summer body and “look fit” for a couple months- make healthy living a lifestyle and look and feel healthy all year round! “

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