Donald Trump Calls Roseanne to Congratulate Her on Ratings


  • After Roseanne, a show starring the titular main character as a Trump supporter, reigned in 18.2 million viewers, Roseanne Barr received a phone call from Donald Trump congratulating her on her high ratings.

    The return of Roseanne to television has not been met without its share of controversy. While the Roseanne sitcom of the 1980’s and the Roseanne sitcom of today both show a lower class middle American white family with a dedication to warts and all style, the politics of Roseanne — the show and the person — has undergone a transformation. It only takes a brief scroll through Roseanne Barr’s Twitter to find the once progressive personality supporting Donald Trump, harassing the Parkland survivors in now-deleted tweets. The Roseanne of the show is portrayed as a reasonable Trump supporter who supports her gender queer grandchild and is now in a more racially diverse family, while her sister, wearing a pussy hat from the Women’s March is portrayed as manic and unreasonable.

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  • It’s Trump supporting while ignoring all of the tacit support of the bigotry, sexual assault, xenophobia, transphobia, racism, antisemitism, treason, anti-healthcare sentiments, etc. Which Trump loves I’m sure! So, he treated Roseanne to the sound of his dulcet tones over the phone when he called and congratulated her on her eighteen million viewers fueled by curiosity, nostalgia, and honestly — a positive portrayal of a Trump supporter probably played a role.


    Anyway, Trump gets three things — ratings, the 1980’s, and people who like him, and buddy, this fell under the umbrella of all three, so he was there!

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