Bill Nye is Mad At People For Not Wearing Masks

Bill Nye joined Tik Tok and explained why wearing a mask is important and urged everyone to stay safe during COVID-19.

Remember Bill Nye from your childhood science class? Well, he is still around to teach his viewers about science and has been educating everyone about COVID.

Bill had his famous science television show in the 90s and in recent years has transitioned to talking to his audience through social media. He has made appearances in many youtube videos, and also on television like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and John Oliver’s show. His main goal is to teach people science and to explain why issues such as climate change are so important.

But recently, he joined Tik Tok to talk about COVID-19 and wearing a mask. Bill Nye has been joining new social media platforms and has stayed relevant, even with his show airing almost 30 years ago. Even the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo retweeted Bill Nye’s mask video saying, “Listen to Bill Nye.”

People are also pointing out that most young people are wearing masks and this video that he made is aimed at adults. Someone tweeted, “It’s sad that Bill Nye, the guy my 5th-grade teacher made us watch, is still having to teach grown adults to wear a mask.” Also in his Tik Tok video, Bill isn’t the nice scientist that we all know and love. He shows his frustration about people not wearing masks!

Someone tweeted, “You non mask wearers got Bill Nye angry and upset you should be ashamed.” and another tweet says, “Wooooow. Bill Nye, angry. Wear a mask just so we don’t have to see this again. I feel like I got scolded by my grandpa” Maybe these “Karens” complaining about wearing a mask can listen to Bill and understand why it is so important for everyone’s health. Remember to wear a mask everyone!