Reddit Supercut Shows Jonah Hill Getting No Respect

How many questions can a guy get asked about looking wierd!? What is this?

Jonah Hill has done something that would have been deemed unthinkable at the beginning of his career: he is now a regular at the Academy Awards, having been nominated for ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Moneyball’, and his directorial debut, Mid90s, is coming from art house wunderstudio A24 and it looks beautiful. So you can’t help but have your heart break when you watch this video, posted to Reddit of people dumping on Jonah Hill all throughout his long and illustrious Hollywood career, and him seeming really quite hurt by it.

The video goes from Superbad to his current more thin and Oscar worthy days. We see him on the set of Superbad interviewing by Edgar Wright (oh cool) about wether or not you have to be ugly to be funny. Michael Cera sits in silence. He knows they’re not talking about the cute boy from Arrested Development, and Jonah Hill just quietly holds back a torrent of hurt emotion. Then Hill is told that in an ideal situation he would bring his more famous, more handsome Hollywood friends and quietly leave. The audience erupts into laughter as Jonah Hill makes a pained, humorless laugh.

The clip then cuts to a cubicle where Jonah Hill, fit, and off the heat of a few Academy Awards, is asked if he’s still considered the fat guy. Hell, he’s asked it for a LONG time, and Hill only smiles and asks if there are any other questions. He’s then tickled and grabbed by Channing Tatum. Brad Pitt, when asked if he could take a trait from a Moneyball co-star tells Jonah Hill he would choose from a more serious actor, and then Jimmy Kimmel straight up tells him he thought Jonah Hill would smell bad.

No respect.

Listen up, Hollywood, Jonah Hill is excellent and you will give him the respect he deserves! Sure, you all live on a mutant genetics farm where men must resemble Adonises as a form of a bare minimum, and the world will never let you forget your fat because if you think society has a hang up on that, entertainment has it as a shrieking un self-aware rule. Here, there will be no mockery of Jonah Hill. For he is Good.

Here is one of my favorite clips of Jonah Hill, his introduction to Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street…

and here’s the trailer to Jonah Hill’s upcoming A24 feature Mid90’s.

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