Tim Burton’s Dumbo Releases First Trailer

Dumbo is flying far far away in Tim Burton's live action rendition of the sweetest Disney channel film.

Disney have released the trailer for the new live action Dumbo movie, which is set to be released in March 2019. After living remakes of many Disney classics, such as Beauty and the Beast and Winnie the Pooh, Tim Burton will now be reimagining one of the sweetest films Disney has made.

Tim Burton has created some of the most fascinating films, which have turned animation into real life. His imagination and creativity is a match made in heaven and with a film like Dumbo, he is the perfect person to take on this movie. Dumbo appears with his big puppy dog eyes and huge floppy ears, which is sure to make the crowd go “awwwwww” the minute he appears on the screen. Already people all over Twitter cannot cope with how cute Dumbo is and how another one of their favourite childhood films is coming to life.

Burton has also recreated one of the most psychedelic scenes from the film, ‘Pink Elephants on Parade’, and has made it extra trippy, which will make this scene a joy for the imagination and the eyes. However, some people are saying that scenes like this were slightly traumatic for them as a child, and that now it is in real life, the film might be too scary for them to watch

Although, I think that the best part of this film, is that Danny Devito is playing the role of the twisted ringmaster, which other people seem to be excited about too, as the casting couldn’t be any better.

However the suggestion to make these live action remakes more suitable for just adults has been suggested, but definitely not one that would hit the cinema screens…

…I think we’ll just stick with the original script for now.

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