VIDEO: Ryan Adams Goofily Gives the Weather to Colorado

The rocker said he was inspired to be a weatherman by the 90's film "Twister", before launching into an off beat half awake soliloquy to the weather.


Are you a fan of musician Ryan Adams? Are you a fan of the weather? Boy, do we have the video for you! Two of them, in fact. When promoting his concert at the Red Rock Amphitheater in Colorado, Ryan Adams made a musical plea to the news station ABC7 of Colorado — please let me deliver the weather. However, do you think Ryan Adams would just ask to deliver the weather like a mere non-son singing mortal? Of course not! Ryan Adams, instead, delivered his plea in the form of a song, which the station in Colorado actually animated in full using but the finest of bitmojis!

Listen, ABC7 is in the business of reporting the news and the weather, not crushing the dreams of touring indie musicians, and folks, they giddily allowed Ryan Adams to do the weather for their channel. As promised, Ryan Adams wore his flannel and Batman shirt and proceeded to strangely talk about the weather in front of this enthralled local audience.

Ryan Adams lovingly, grungily, and half awaken-ly stammered out short goofy phrases about the weather — saying that if you’re into the wind, this is a big day for you, and it’s pretty hot out there! He finished by telling his audience of professional local reporters that this was exactly as weird as he always imagined.

I love goofy musician comedy. Truly, it is one of the best forms of comedy.

Ryan Adams, I implore you. Tour the world, tell us all about what the weather is like in our various hometowns, make the world more exciting, etc.

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Now, I, the writer, am getting whisked away by the wind. Wee!