Positive Reactions Only To Michelle Obama’s First Podcast Episode Featuring Husband Barack

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“The Michelle Obama Podcast” released their first episode today. The first episode, featuring husband and former President Barack Obama, discusses values and community, on both personal and national levels. 

The first episode centered around community and the importance of it. Similarly to Becoming, the Former President and First Lady began the episode by opening up about their families and values. They conclude that their family was their first sense of community, which helped shape their adult values. 

The Obamas move on to discuss how American values have changed within the past few generations. They explain how Americans have gone from wanting to live more community-centric lives versus more intrinsically selfish lives. The explain how the latter’s mindset causes an underlying competitive tone and creates a divide between people. 

The episode then discusses a wide range of topics from national institutional discrepancies to being more fulfilled by community-facing jobs, and then of course how all of this ties into politics, which then affects all of us all over again. 

The conversation ends with the Obama signature twist; a bit of hope. Barack reminds us “that all government is, is us collectively making decisions together, the community.” And Michelle encourages “young people to build lives that are selfless, not because it is the right thing to do, but because it truly is the better way to live.” 

Michelle wrapped up the episode by urging us to reflect and talk about the issues our communities face. And once we have done that, to empathize with each other, and channel our anger into finding a solution. 


Reactions from fans

There was hype, to say the least, when Michelle announced the launch of her podcast on July 16th. Fans eagerly awaited the launch of the first episode this morning. 

The positive reviews from fans began shortly after the episode was released.


Some commented on the comfort that came from hearing the Former President and First Lady again, and their positive messages of hope and community.


The inaugural episode has landed well among initial listeners. The overall sentiment that came from the episode above all else, is that Americans are especially craving messages of positivity and hope right now. Luckily this is exactly how the Obamas know how to deliver. 

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