Arby's on Twitter, McDonalds on TikTok
The battle of fish sandwiches is ON.

Let’s be honest who doesn’t love battle between fast food chains? No one, that’s who and that’s also exactly what is happening between Arby’s and McDonalds right now. Recently, Arby’s teamed up with rapper Pusha T to create a diss track against McDonald’s filet o fish sandwich. 


We LIVE for a fish sandwich diss track (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @McDonald’s, @Arbys, @Pusha T) #viral #arbys #mcdonalds #pushat filetofish.

♬ original sound – WhatsTrending

Now the reason Arby’s went to Pusha T for the diss track is because he is actually responsible for coming up with McDonald’s famous “I’m loving it’ jingle.”

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However, Pusha T claims he barely made any money on the jingle, which is why he’s now jumped ship and created this diss track celebrating Arby’s and hating on McDonalds. Obviously, the internet lived for the drama and Pusha T’s diss track. Right there with you guys.