Q&A with Adorian Deck: The Facts Guy from TikTok

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@AdorianDeck | TikTok

Adorian Deck, a TikTok creator who has 2 million followers with 27 million likes, has become incredibly popular on TikTok. He is known as “the fact guy” on TikTok after posting facts about any topic ranging from history or crazy coincidences that occur. Additionally, he received a million followers within his first 45 days on the app. Now, he is answering some questions regarding his popularity by posting fascinating facts and what is next for him on the app.


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Q): How long have you been creating content online? How did you get started on TikTok?

A): I started creating online at 13 years old in 2006 and consistently made 1000s of YouTube videos on multiple channels until 2018. I grew up to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and had a semi-successful career there, I learned a lot about online content through this and what it’s like to be an influencer. I also created the brand OMGFacts in 2009 that grew to a combined 15 million followers on Facebook and Twitter. I later sold the brand and do not own it today, but it was started in my bedroom at 16 years old while I was in high school just because I had an interest in curating the most interesting information from around the world into one simple feed, and back then it just happened to be Twitter.

Over the last decade, I have been running my business Decked Media which has built other brands similar to OMGFacts and helped clients go viral, billions of video views across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. I’ve actively been responsible for 1.5 billion minutes viewed on Facebook in 2021 alone.

I’ve been a big fan of Tik Tok for a couple of years because of all the amazingly talented, authentic personalities that exist on there more than any other platform. I missed creating content online for myself and decided to just play around with uploading a couple Tik Tok videos in June of 2021. Of course, I went with what my biggest interest was and added my own spin to it. It was the kind of content that made my most successful brand of all time (referring to @OMGFACTS), fun facts, and trivia. 45 days later, I had 1 million followers! And today I have more than 2 million followers.

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Q): What makes platforms like TikTok interesting to people like you?

A): Tik Tok is the best platform (in my opinion) to ever exist for the benefit of the independent creator. There has never been a platform where you could start an account today and have a million followers a month from now. The key is having content that people will watch all the way through or watch repeatedly, while also engaging with high emotion to what the content is. If you learn how to do this, Tik Tok is the easiest platform to explode from nothing. It has the lowest barrier to entry. Random videos from random people can go viral and make that person become a professional creator overnight when they didn’t even mean to.

Q): What do you think is the success behind your millions of views?

A): My account had over 100 million video views in the first 30 days. The reason for this was almost 100% because of high watch time retention. There are more people that my videos reach who finish watching my videos than people who don’t. About 60% watch time completion on average, along with 30-45 second average watch time on videos that are on average 40-55 seconds long. Tik Tok can tell people want to see my videos, so they recommend it on the For You page to millions of people. It always starts small, 100 views from a new account. If you have high metrics in these areas, Tik Tok will push you to 1,000 people, and then 10,000 people, and then 100,000 people, and beyond…



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Q): What is coming up next for you?

A)I have taken my success with Tik Tok and I am currently replicating it for a number of clients through my company Decked Media with very high success. For me personally, I’d love to expand my Tik Tok content into longer-form Facebook and YouTube content…and eventually scale my own personal brand out to be more than just fun facts. I have really big goals to help the world in a lot of ways and will be using this newfound Tik Tok audience to launch different platforms and projects off of it! As long as you have attention, you can build anything you want! T

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