The Internet Answers Some of the Burning Questions from the Queen’s Death

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As Queen Elizabeth is being laid to rest, many have a lot of questions about what is to come. With people asking what will happen to the Corgis to even how long ago this funeral has been planned, here’s everything the internet has uncovered. 

How Long Has this Been Planned?

If you are not familiar, this funeral has been planned for quite some time. The queen who passed at the age of 96, actually had a plan titled “Operation London Bridge” which communicated the proceedings of the queen’s passing to government departments, key personnel, and even her estate.

This plan was so elaborate that it even detailed which news networks would be breaking the news first. People online have posted their time being apart of the operation in honor of the queen. 

There are even several support plans under the operation titled operation overstudy which was for transporting the coffin and operation springtide for Charles to take the throne. 


And let’s be honest, in the process of procession, a lot of events have taken place that have raised questions from everyday people across the world.

What’s Going to Happen to the Corgis?

Starting out with the corgis, people really REALLY want to know what’s going to happen to them. In a series of viral tweets and posts people trolled saying that they would be buried with the queen herself but they are actually going to someone in the family. 

In a viral video from Sky News, Prince William said they are going to be taken care of by a close source, and people assume this to be Prince Andrew, the queen’s third child. 

The queen han taken in thirty corgis throughout the lifetime, and as she got older she did not take in anymore due to the fear of leaving any young ones behind when she passed on. Her first corgi was gifted to her on her eighteenth birthday.


Moving on, a lot of viral videos have come out through the procession and we thought we would give some insight and honorable mention before we tackle even bigger stuff here. 

People online were upset when Biden got to ride in a limousine while other royal members are riding in coach – this was because secret service would not allow that to happen.

People wondered how royal guard fainted not once but nearly twice, and of course anyone would after being there for over twelve hours in one day. 

Other people wondered how the queen’s body would last eleven days on tour, and that’s because her coffin is lined with lead in the 1990s. 

This not only makes the coffin weigh nearly five hundred pounds, but also slows the decomposition process. And explains why these people carrying it look unwell

On person said: “I saw a picture of a pallbearer with his eyes closed & he looked emotional. For a sec I thought oh that’s sweet. Then I realized he was probably in pain.”

Who Paid for All of this?

Moving on to some big questions, everyone wants to know really how much does this cost everyone and why?

Now that the queen has passed on, the funeral and services itself cost nearly $7.5 million or somewhere around that. Some believe that is only the cost for security alone.


This surpassed the London Olympics and has about 10,000 officers working and is all coming from taxpayer money.

What’s Happening Next?

The big question on the line for everyone is really, what is going to happen with all of the money and signage that has the queen on it? Well, it’s going to be reprinted to have King Charls on it. Some thought this was a huge mistake seeing that he too may pass on soon and how costly this will be. This may cost anywhere near $400 million dollars.

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