Queer Entertainer Leopold Discusses Silence of Solidarity Concert and New Debut Album “Unattractive”

Looking for new music? Look no further.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Leopoldmusic | Twitter

This week on Culture Q with Revry, queer entertainer Leopold discusses the Silence of Solidarity concert, a global concert raising money for the needs of LGBT+ communities across the world. Leopold, performing at the virtual concert hosted by InterPride, discusses the importance of the global concert and supporting those in countries who cannot come out due to safety issues. Leopold says that “we still have to raise awareness for the LGBT community and it is all about visibility too.” The concert has many performances lined up from different international and queer performers.

When discussing queer people who cannot go in public and be proud of who they are, Leopold encourages them to be “strong, patient, and don’t give up.” When addressing the performance, he says that he is very “proud and honored to be proud” to be included in the event. Leopold also recently released her debut pop album entitled “Unnatractive.” When asked why she chose this album title, Leopold explains that “unattractive is not about appearances, it is all about living your life, be proud of yourself.” She notes that it is meant to encourage people to not be afraid of being looked at as “unattractive” to others just because of the things they believe or being afraid of expressing themselves.

To see Leopold and other queer performers across the world, it is streaming on March 19th, 2 PM PST, 5 PM EST, it is something you definitely do not want to miss. And of course, to see the full interview for yourself, you can click here.