Racist Karen and Her Son Assault Black Employee

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A white woman and her son confront a Black employee, Martinez, in a parking garage saying, “you don’t belong here.”

In the video, you see a woman and her son bothering an employee who is a Black man trying to do his job, but they will not let him do his job because they see him as a threat due to the color of his skin. The employee explained that he is there in the parking garage to check the residents’ parking permits and even showed his ID badge to prove that he does work there. Despite, all of that the woman and son continue to harass him threatening him. Even the son tries to knock the employer’s phone out of his hand because he was recorded the exchange.

The woman and her son then called 911 saying their lives felt threatened because there has been a string of robberies in the building and felt this Black man who worked for the building was responsible. They left before the police even arrived and failed to mention how the son assaulted the employee as well as harassed him. Having all this on camera he showed this to the police and will be pressing charges on the white woman and her son.

One thing that bothered him the most, but was not surprised at was all of the racist microaggressions the woman and her son kept saying to him. From the “you don’t belong here” to “he’s dangerous”, it’s just another way of saying that since Martinez is a Black man he does not belong in this country and he should go back to his own country. Racist microaggressions that Black men and women in America continue to face every single day in their lives all because of the color of their skin.

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