Ben Rosen is currently taking live requests of what his friend Eric will eat on camera next, as he attempts to create a video log of every food eaten.









In the internet’s golden age, it was more than just a repository of bad opinions and brands trying to trick you into liking them — it was a beautiful paradise of dadaist absurdity and experimental super weirdness. One Redditor is slowly bringing it back by filming a man named Eric, a very kind special education instructor, eating EVERY FOOD. Rosen is uploading more videos every few minutes as requests roll in. My friends…. it is brilliant.

The original Reddit post proclaimed: “I have videos of a guy eating every food. This is mayonnaise. I’ll respond to any food request in the comments with the appropriate video”, and the comments began to pour in. The first one tried to throw Eric and his experimental filmmaker (the enigmatic u/BenRosen, or @Rosen on Twitter) for a loop, asking him to eat a garbage bag… but they were ready, and indeed Eric eats a garbage bag! Or tries to at the very least! We can’t have Eric get sick! He’s got a lot of food to eat!

As Ben stated above, they’re uploading these right now! In fact when you refresh the appropriately titled “Man Eating Food Account”, you’ll see a new video pop up every few minutes as requests come in! You want to see him eat a carrot? He will eat a carrot! You want to see him eat paper towels? Yeah, they can make that happen! You want to see him eat okra? Sorry, closest match is cucumber! Cucumber!? Well, still very impressive. Check out the requests and the accompanying videos below!














There is one thing Eric won’t eat, and that’s Tide Pods… and I don’t blame him! That stuff is dangerous folks!

We… LOVE this. And we will be watching to see what Eric eats next, making our requests as we see fit.

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