Rodger Cleye Delivers Singing Explanation On TikTok Live Before Deleting Account

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TikTok creator Rodger Cleye  quickly sang one final song on TikTok live before removing his entire account amid an ongoing controversy. Cleye first reached the for-you page for his humorous karaoke videos, in which he covered trending songs at commenters’ requests. After months of building a massive online platform and becoming the subject of a popular meme format in which users clipped videos with relatable settings, Cleye has fallen to a controversy.


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Months ago, Cleye posted several videos with his ex-girlfriend, who was in her 30s while Cleye is 58. He recently spoke up about their breakup, asking fans on a livestream if anyone wanted to go to a Taylor Swift concert with him. A fan named Olivia McCraw responded, and while Cleye ultimately took his daughter to the concert, he arranged to meet up for a singing session with McCraw.

McCraw, a 19-year-old college student, agreed to go out to dinner with Cleye and film a few singing videos with him, as she enjoys posting covers on her TikTok page as well. This quickly devolved into Cleye allegedly making inappropriate advances towards McCraw, and allegedly harassing her over text.


It took me a bit.. but with some messages grom him that were offensive, i decided to reveal my truth. I am Olivia McCraw and this is my story. Please know it is not ok for these things to happen. I have many reciepts and videos and am willing to share. I will not utilize slander. I will not hurt someone else. But i will not let someones “career” affect me from telling a TRUTH. I love you guys thanks for the support. #foryou #fyp #rodgercleye #rodgercleyeedit #music #hurt #rodgercleye

♬ original sound – Olivia McCraw

McCraw acknowledged that she is not a minor, and takes responsibility for deciding to meet Cleye. Commenters are reminding her that she solely agreed to have dinner and sing with him, and that his behavior was still inappropriate.

The Messages

McCraw eventually decided to share screenshots from messages between herself and Cleye in an attempt to clear the air. The messages show Cleye continuously assuming that himself and McCraw are in a romantic relationship, and accusing her of “manipulation” anytime she disagrees with him. Cleye additionally posted that McCraw allegedly had two children and was 21, though McCraw refuted this claim by asserting that she is a 19 year-old college student.


Countless other TikTok creators are weighing in on the situation. Several allege that Cleye interacted with several underage girls through TikTok. His videos singing songs from the likes of Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Olivia Rodrigo, Nicki Minaj, and more attracted a number of young female followers.


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Cleye has not posted any new content following his livestream and TikTok takedown. After McCraw fact checked several of his claims, he has yet to speak out further on the issue. Other TikTok creators, notably @coolndizabled, continue to speak out against him and assist alleged victims in getting their stories out to the masses.

McCraw announced she was departing TikTok after she shared screenshots of the text messages from him. It remains unclear whether legal action from either party will be taken at this time. A family member of Cleye’s allegedly stated on a live stream that he “needed help,” though neither of Cleye’s children nor other family members have spoken on the matter.

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