“Scromiting” is Being Discussed on Twitter- But What is It?

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Image: Add Weed | Unsplash

“Scromiting” combines the words “screaming and vomiting” to explain the condition that might occur after extreme marijuana use. According to the Insider, the condition is “characterized by bouts of abdominal discomfort and nausea so painful the person affected may begin to yell. Last week, Daily Mail reported the condition and called the legalization of marijuana a “public health nightmare.” In the article, she details how a doctor sees a case of scromiting “one per shift.”

Although legal marijuana use remains illegal in some states, some worry about continued and increased usage and how it can affect mental and physical health. The formal term for “scromiting” is “Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome” and affects users who heavily smoke marijuana. It is reported to be relieved from hot showers or medicine, but it seems the cure is to stop smoking marijuana.

CHS is very real and can be deadly if remained untreated, with states who legalized marijuana reporting higher cases of scromiting. Some believe the condition is due to increasing amounts of THC in marijuana than what was included in the 1990s. Others, however, said this was an ongoing myth about cannabis. Either way, the idea of CHS and the claim that marijuana is a public health disaster remained heavily debated on Twitter.


Although cases of this exist and are documented, it seems to only occur after heavy use of using marijuana. But, other things like smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol can lead to health conditions as well in its excess. Some believed that the legalization of marijuana was not an issue, but instead when people do not use the drug in moderation. Unfortuantly, although the report seemed to be written in an attempt to warn people about the increasing legalization of marijuana, not many readers did not seem to take the article seriously, as “scromiting” became a meme on Twitter


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