Selena Gomez Gets Vulnerable & Talks Mental Health in New Documentary: ‘My Mind and Me’

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Jon Kopaloff | Stringer/Getty Images

Selena Gomez is one of the most beloved artists on the internet today. She’s amassed millions of loyal fans, a huge chunk of which have been following her since her Disney Channel days. But Selena’s rise to stardom hasn’t been an easy path for her. The child star turned mainstream pop star lays it all bare in her new documentary. 

On November 4th, 2022 the documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me dropped. And Selena didn’t only bless us with this new film, but a single that accompanies it as well! Fans and Selena stans have been absolutely raving about the film and flooding Twitter timelines with praise. 

Like this user, who’s been a loyal stan since 2014. For them it started with Sabrina’s album The Heart Wants What it Wants, and has continued all the way through the release of “My Mind and Me” single.

It’s really no wonder every Selena Gomez fan is coming out of the woodworks to sing their praise for the star. The documentary has all of the bells and whistles of your typical tour documentary, but there’s more of an air of vulnerability the audience can attach to.


The film opens on a young Selena preparing for her first world tour. The footage is hauntingly captivating. We see Selena experience panic attacks, crying, & talking to friends and family about her fears of never being good enough. As we all watched Gomez grow up on screen or in our headphones, she was losing her childhood and being molded into the next iteration of her celebrity appearance: a sexy, single, grown woman.

As excited and proud as Selenators are for the star, there’s also a dose of guilt & grief many are reportedly experiencing after viewing. Like this user who wrote, “This documentary made me look at selena in a new personal light. The entire world owes selena gomez an apology.”

The documentary speaks lengths not only about Selena, but also about the stress the entertainment industry puts on those who are a part of it, with special emphasis on child and teen performers. In our book, it’s a necessary watch. Be warned though, as this Twitter user wrote, keep tissues handy.

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