Senator Rand Paul Trends on Twitter After Heated Conversation with Dr. Fauci

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In a heated conversation between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci during a senate hearing, Fauci calls out Paul for creating conspiracies about him and accuses him of things that are not true, where he tells people that he now has threats against his life. Dr. Fauci, who is Joe Biden’s Chief medical adviser, also holds up a printout of a portion on Paul’s website, demanding Fauci to be fired. From this interaction, Rand is now trending on Twitter as people respond and react to the senate hearing.

The senate hearing was supposed to be about the Omnicron variant and soaring infection rates in the US, but at some parts felt like a back and forth between Dr. Fauci and Senator Paul. In particular, Fauci was asked why he was trying to suppress a theory that Covid-19 came from a lab, to which Fauci stated that he feels as if the Senator is intentionally distorting his image. Many liked this response from Fauci and offered their support on Twitter. Many agreed that the conspiracy theories “kindle the crazies” as Fauci had stated.

He also notes that a few weeks ago, a person was arrested in Iowa after stating he was going to Washington D.C to “kill Dr. Fauci” and then an AR-15 was found in his car. Dr. Fauci notes that he believes this is due to rumors that he is responsible for killing people.

This conversation between Senator Paul and Fauci became striking on Twitter, trending number one as people discussed the way Dr. Fauci handled the rumors and lies about him and also how these genuinely affect his day-to-day life and safety. However, Rand Paul did have some people supporting him and also caused him to trend, as Twitter is often the home for divided opinions.


Some felt it was necessary that Fauci was asked about the lab theory and his responsibility in handling the pandemic, believing that Fauci should be held accountable or that Paul’s questions had nothing to do with the violence against him.

Overall, there was some discussion on how to overcome the next wave of Covid cases, where Fauci continues his support for vaccinations and masks, so it seemed like the discussion was a bit productive. However, many on both sides of the debate enjoyed watching the two have quite the heated conversation.

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