Senator Ted Cruz and CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tear Each Other Apart in Brutal Twitter Fight

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Throughout the election season, Democrats and Republicans were at each other’s throats arguing why their preferred candidate should be the President of the United States. Even though the election season has come to an end, the aftermath has increased tensions between the parties as is evident with CNN host of Cuomo Prime Time Chris Cuomo and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

On Tuesday, Cuomo and Senator Cruz took their feud to Twitter as they argued their differing views on election integrity and COVID-19.

Senator Cruz’s and Cuomo’s Comments On Election Integrity

The Twitter debate started with Senator Cruz tweeting “election results are decided when the results have been counted and the legal proceedings are over. That didn’t used to be a controversial issue.”

Cuomo has been a loud voice in denouncing voter fraud allegations, so he debunked Senator Cruz’s statement by calling it “wrong” and accuses Senator Cruz of empowering ideas that delay Biden’s transition and the distribution of the vaccine.

However, there has been evidence of election irregularities such as ballots casted on the behalf of deceased people, but so far there has not been substantial evidence that the irregularities are widespread enough to change the election results.


As a clap back to Cuomo, Senator Cruz responded with “hush child.”


But Cuomo was not going to stay silent, though he changed the subject from election integrity to COVID-19.

Cuomo Attacks Cruz for COVID-19 Spike in Texas

Previously, Senator Cruz criticized Senator Brown for wearing a mask and asking Senator Sullivan to wear one as well, when they were about 50 feet apart. Senator Cruz calls Senator Brown’s use of a mask and request of Senator Sullivan to wear one “as an ostentatious sign of fake virtue.”


In response to Senator Cruz’s “hush child” tweet, Cuomo attacks Senator Cruz for his comments on Senator Brown and criticizes Cruz for slow COVID-19 relief in Texas.

Cuomo then follows up with a picture of the long food lines in Texas.

Senator Cruz responded with a tweet stating that the Senate has voted twice on a $500 billion COVID-19 relief bill but every Democrat voted to filibuster it. Then, he tells Cuomo he “should call on [his] own party to stop blocking relief” and says he “suspects [Cuomo] never reported on that fact to [his] viewers.”

Cuomo decided to take his animosity for Senator Cruz from Twitter to the air. On Cuomo Prime Time, Cuomo segways from reporting on the saddening news that 87-year old Senator Chuck Grassley has COVID-19 to Cruz’s comments on the incident with Senator Brown and Senator Sullivan. Cuomo calls Senator Cruz a “covidiot” and expands on the tweet about the long food lines in Texas.

However, Cuomo has been previously exposed for defying COVID-19 guidelines by not wearing a mask in a hair salon as well as being reprimanded in his apartment building for not wearing a mask.

At the end of the segment, Cuomo says that he asked Senator Cruz to come on his show but he declined.

Senator Cruz’s Past Interview on Cuomo Prime Time

Though Senator Cruz did not accept Cuomo’s invite to hash it out on TV, Cruz did have an interesting experience when he was last on Cuomo Prime Time last month.

While discussing COVID-19, Senator Cruz criticized Chris Cuomo’s brother’s – Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo – response to the pandemic and Chris Cuomo viciously attacked Senator Cruz for supporting President Donald Trump.

Responses to the Cruz and Cuomo Twitter Fight

As the two political figures battled it out, Twitter users took sides.

Those who sided with Cuomo called out Senator Cruz for his support for President Trump and the slow COVID-19 response.

Others are coming to Senator Cruz’s defense and are calling out Cuomo for his comments and his brother’s response to COVID-19.

Some are not taking sides, but love watching a good Twitter fight.

The ongoing hostility between Senator Cruz and Chris Cuomo is just one example of the many heated debates across the country among US citizens regarding our polarizing politics. Though it may seem impossible, there are some who are calling for both sides to compromise in order to unite and rescue our country from the horrors of 2020.

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