Actor Seth Rogen Reveals New Shop Featuring Pottery, Ash Trays, Pottery and More

Award-winning actor Seth Rogen announced the launch of his new shop, Houseplant, selling his own handmade pottery among other things.
By Abigail Safago

Award-winning actor Seth Rogen announced the launch of his new shop, Houseplant, selling his own handmade pottery among other things.

While Seth Rogen has been known for countless comedies and films, in recent years he has become more clear about his passions including art and the use of weed. Both of these things have inspired him countless times to create, grow, and now begin his own business named Houseplant.

“Hi, I’m Seth Rogen and if you know anything about me at all, I’m going to assume it’s that I really love weed.”

“But what you probably don’t know about me is that I have been working on my own weed company for the last ten years and we are finally ready to launch in America,” Rogen says before showing off and featuring some of his products.

In his video announcing the launch, he shows off a small tin container as well as some of his weed and briefly talks about what Houseplant will deal with. Some of this includes hand-picked strains of weed, containers that they come in which are able to stack, lighters, pottery and more.

While the website is still currently under construction as he prepares to launch this shop, the excitement is there from the actor, friends, and countless fans across the country.

Art and Psychedelic Design

For years, Rogen has been creating wonderful pieces of pottery that have caught the attention of many. These pieces vary in color and size all with hypnotic designs on them. Because of this, he has dealt with a rise in attention from fans new and old.

One of the most notable features among Rogen’s collection of vases and ceramicware is the incredible shapes he has created and designed along with focus on dimensional texture and interesting colors.

As he has progressed over the years, these pieces have become more diverse as well as developing his own style.


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It’s the little things

Rogen has also been a collector for years as well as an avid supporter of the use of recreational marijuana. With this, also comes the need for supplies around this-notably, ash trays.

Rogen has been collecting ashtrays for years and has since started designing and making his own. One of his first posts about collecting ashtrays featured a simple, sleek tray in a glass-like medium.


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After practicing and perfecting pottery and ceramics, he began showing off his own pieces on instagram and twitter proudly. Many people became fans of this side of Rogen and were extremely supportive of his artistic pursuit.

Many have gone on to say that they would buy his pieces in a moment’s notice, asking when he will put them up for sale or auction, and more.

Rogen now has included ashtrays as part of his product line, even selling them in sets. Some of them even have hidden compartments in them that lead to yet another ashtray- so you can get the most use out of one product.

For his product launches with Houseplant, Rogen is more than happy that his pieces will be making their way into people’s homes soon. After many comments and questions asking where and when they can get ashtrays like the ones he has made, you can get them in a set.

” For the last few years people have been asking me how they could get an ashtray like the ones that I make. Which is very nice and flattering of them! I’m so excited that today I can finally announce I designed this ashtray set—the Ashtray Set by Seth— (I’m great with names) for @houseplant!”


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Meet Mary-Jane

Rogen has been a known smoker for years- in movies on the big screen and life alike. It’s no secret that he’s discovered and tried many strands to find just the right things to recommend and sell.

He has also had some fun while creating the product line itself. Recently, Rogen was also able to have a set of vinyls made for each line within the weed he is selling. The three “sessions” that accompany and embody the emotion behind the product are the Indica session, the hybrid session, and the sativa session.

Among his collection featured by Houseplant is Pancake Ice, with a 33% sativa. This means that it is a higher concentrate able to bring on a more energetic high and connection while under the influence.

The Indica strain is the opposite, meant to be more relaxing and incredibly calming effects. This is because the indica strain tends to have less THC, and more CBD in them, causing an invert reaction to calm one’s senses. Indica is typically recommended for nighttime use as it might put you to sleep faster.

The Hybrid strain varies as it is a type of strain that is both the sativa and Indica combined. The goal is ultimately an interesting high with both calming effects and an energy buzz. This one varies for time recommendations as it is a personal preference for productivity on it- if that’s your goal.

10 years of waiting and building this business, soon to be consumed across the nation.