Harrassment Allegations Against TikTok Creator Rodger Cleye Emerge

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Rodger Cleye rose to popularity on TikTok for his humorous karaoke videos in which he sings popular songs at the request of fans in his comments. His videos have rapidly sparked a unique meme format, particularly among Gen Z. TikTok users will clip videos of Cleye singing into stock images of movie theaters, messy bedrooms, and cars to convey relatable situations.


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Cleye recently went on TikTok live to ask his followers if anyone would like to attend Taylor Swift‘s “The Eras Tour” concert in Los Angeles. A young TikTok creator named Olivia McCraw responded, and Cleye chimed in to let her know that he would have taken her to the concert had his daughter not decided to go with him. After this interaction, the pair allegedly began communicating through social media. Cleye is 58, and McCraw is 19 years old.

When the pair met up to film singing videos together, many viewers assumed they were dating, and were shocked and appalled at the age gap. Now, McCraw has come forward with allegations of misconduct and harassment against Cleye.


It took me a bit.. but with some messages grom him that were offensive, i decided to reveal my truth. I am Olivia McCraw and this is my story. Please know it is not ok for these things to happen. I have many reciepts and videos and am willing to share. I will not utilize slander. I will not hurt someone else. But i will not let someones “career” affect me from telling a TRUTH. I love you guys thanks for the support. #foryou #fyp #rodgercleye #rodgercleyeedit #music #hurt #rodgercleye

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The Background

Cleye allegedly began blocking TikTok users who entered his livestreams to express concerns over McCraw. The TikTok creator previously had another age gap relationship with a woman in her 30s prior to his interactions with McCraw.

In McCraw’s video, she alleged that Cleye loudly announced that he had a vasectomy in the middle of a Texas Roadhouse to insinuate that she would not get pregnant if she slept with him. The pair filmed several singing videos together, and McCraw alleges that Cleye kissed her. He allegedly continued to pursue her romantically, and harassed her over text.


The text messages are allegedly to be released through McCraw’s collaboration with lacroixboi (@dantewelch659) on his YouTube channel. McCraw previously alleged that the messages were predatory and accusatory towards her after she rejected his physical advances. She also alleged that a family member of Cleye’s reached out to her and alleged that he “had a problem” and “needed help.”


Rosger Cleye is mass reporting our videos here so we gotta turn to youtube #rodgercleye #rodgercleyecontroversy

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Social Media Response

Across TikTok, several users are sharing their takes on the situation, and siding with McCraw. Many argue that Cleye’s previous age gap relationship was not controversial, as the woman was in her 30s.


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Many were disturbed that Cleye would pursue such a young girl, despite its legal technicality.


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McCraw previously clarified that she was never dating Cleye.


It was a wonderful experience and no one deserves hate. Please please stop spreading rumors. It has been rough enough for all of us. It was a great opportunity to sing and have fun. Thank you to those standing up ❤️ Much love. Please share so these rumors stop. Hate is not ok. @RodgerCleye @Krissybfun ???? @madeline #rodgercleye #foryou

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A TikTok creator who posts under @coolndizabled has been closely following the situation. Today, she shared alleged text messages from Cleye to McCraw regarding her content on the controversy, in which Cleye allegedly calls @coolndizabled “evil.”


you can find his profile still if youre not blocked and search under sounds – pro tip! wow super weird rodger cleye doesnt like people who call out his allegedly in my opinion predatory behavior (dont report this video rodger!❤️❤️❤️❤️) – super interesting and shocking! #rodgercleye #rogerclay #rogercleye #rodgercleyde #rogerclaymeme #rodgercleyecontroversy #manipulator#greenscreen

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The full text messages are yet to be released publicly. Cleye continues to post singing videos and ignore the mounting allegations.

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