Shawn Mendes Shows Off Road Rage in Carpool Karaoke

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by Amy Walters

James Corden’s most famous segment on The Late Late Show is Carpool Karaoke. With iconic celebrities such as Adele, Christina Aguilera and 44th First Lady, Michelle Obama, featuring on the segment before, it was only a matter of time before Canadian heartthrob Shawn Mendes appeared on the show.

Joining Corden on his way to work, the pair began jamming out to one of Mendes’ most popular hits, ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’.

The two went on to discuss how the 19-year-old has now moved out of his parent’s home and lives on his own in Toronto. Although, it was mentioned that Shawn’s mummy still helps out with the cooking and cleaning, because, of course, living on your own at 19 is all fun and games until you burn your house down after making a piece of toast.

After discussing how Mendes still doesn’t do his own laundry, James Corden revealed Justin’s Bieber’s trick to never washing your own clothes again — wearing a new pair of underwear every day and selling the worn ones. Although Shawn did seem pretty keen to buy some of Bieber’s underwear, saying that he’d pay up to $500 for those butt holders, he was 100% not interested in buying any of James’…


After belting out a few more hits from the singer’s self-titled album, dressing up as different characters from Harry Potter and complaining about the toilet paper given on set, one moment stood out for most fans, as a few rubbish drivers on the road set off the Canadian’s road rage.

This edition of Carpool Karaoke comes along as Shawn Mendes takes over The Late Late Show for the whole of this week, and we’re sure that the show will be filled with lots of great jokes, and hopefully end with some hilarious moments to remember too!

In fact, what would Carpool Karaoke be if some hilarious tweets didn’t come out of it?


What do you think of this week’s Carpool Karaoke? Think Shawn Mendes and James Corden make a great team? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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