Snapchat Joins Instagram in Creating BeReal Copycats

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Photo: Snapchat

Snapchat has announced a new Dual Camera feature set to rival BeReal’s signature format. The feature will give users the option to take photos using both the front-facing and back camera. Snapchat says that this new feature is “a creative way for our community to capture exciting moments while being part of the memory”.

Currently ranked number one on Apple’s App Store, BeReal has users take one photo a day at a randomly selected time. The users have 2 minutes to capture their surroundings and themselves. In a world of filters and curated feeds, BeReal allows users to be authentic about their lives. While problems like the app glitching have arisen, it’s mostly a product of so many users rushing to the app all at once.

It’s no surprise that Snapchat has joined Instagram in competing for users’ attention.  Earlier this month, Instagram confirmed that they are prototyping their own timed feature, “Candid Challenge”. 

Funnily enough, one TikToker predicted Instagram’s response to BeReal’s popularity


Its coming whether we like it or not #bereal

♬ original sound – Joeschke

On July 25th, TikTok user @joeschke predicted Instagram creating a BeReal copy called “Instagram Moments”. Instagram had already introduced a Dual photo feature, but with no timed incentive like BeReal. But @joeschke’s video definitely “aged like George Clooney” as, a month later, it was leaked by an independent developer, Alessandro Paluzzi that Instagram was working on “IG Candid Challenges”. This feature, later confirmed by Instagram as an internal prototype, would challenge you to take a photo at a random time within 2 minutes.


It is not new for social media platforms to feed off each other’s features. When Snapchat was skyrocketing in the late 2010s, Instagram came out with Stories. As TikTok continued to grow in 2020, Instagram introduced Reels, and Snapchat created Spotlight.  

Snapchat’s new feature mimics only BeReal’s dual photo format but allows for videos and different templates. But it won’t be too long before the spontaneous aspect of BeReal is adopted. You can access Snapchat’s Dual Camera now on IOS and on Andriod in the coming months.

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