Sofia Reyes Talks About Partnering with Danny Trejo for Tostitos® Fiesta Remix

Fans who participate in the Loteria TikTok challenge will have the chance to win a custom 5-carat gold Tostitos Scoops!® necklace on May 5.
By Savannah Moss
Image on behalf of Tostitos

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and to help you prepare for your celebrations on May 5 and into the summer season, Tostitos® is partnering with legendary actor Danny Trejo and music sensation Sofia Reyes for Fiesta Remix. The new campaign will give fans inspiration to remix how they plan their fiesta snack spreads, participate in a modern twist on the classic Loteria game and even win the ultimate fiesta party pack.

Returning for his second year working with Tostitos, Trejo is joined by fellow remix master Reyes to inspire fans to blend their unique styles for Cinco de Mayo and summer fiesta festivities. In the digital commercial for the campaign, Danny and Sofia share their takes on how to add a fresh spin to any party with things like a queso fountain, mariachi bands, and, of course, their favorite Tostitos chips and dips. “I look forward to Cinco de Mayo every year because I get to eat some of my favorite foods and spend time with family and friends,” said Trejo. “Tostitos is my go-to chip for any Cinco de Mayo celebration and with Fiesta Remix, I want to help others find new ways to celebrate the fun of the holiday with some of my favorite party twists.”

Image: On behalf of Tostitos

How to get involved:

With the help of Trejo and Reyes, Tostitos has created a one-stop-shop for all your Cinco de Mayo needs at On the site, visitors will find the “Fiesta Remixer” to get served an exciting mix of food, drinks and music to take their fiesta to the next level. Fiesta planners can also take a quiz to get more personalized recommendations on what music and snacks fit their party persona.


#TostitosPartner 🫣 play with me “LA LOTERÍA” for a chance to win a prize!!! 🌶 see 👀 @Tostitos bio for rules muejejej #TostitosFiestaRemix

♬ original sound – Sofía Reyes

“Tostitos embodies the best of both worlds – being both a classic party staple and a snack that creates new, flavorful experiences with every bite,” said Anya Schmidt, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “We were thrilled to have Danny and Sofia lend their takes on how to make get-togethers with friends and loved ones even more memorable all summer long.”

Rounding out any great party is a signature game, so Tostitos has teamed up with Millennial Loteria to bring the classic “Mexican Bingo” game to TikTok. But instead of a board game, participants can complete nine different challenges through an all-new Branded Effect featuring Reyes which include:

  • La Sofia Reyes: Record yourself doing a salsa dance like Sofia Reyes
  • El Danny Trejo: Do your finest impersonation of Danny Trejo
  • La Spill the Tea: Share a wild story in 10 seconds
  • El Throwback: Show us your favorite throwback dance move
  • El Queso: Tell us your cheesiest pick-up line
  • El Original: Show us your hidden talent
  • El Main Character: Show us why you’re the main character of the friend group
  • La Trend: Impersonate a trending TikTok sound
  • El Wordplay: Come up with your best fiesta-themed wordplay

Those who complete a challenge and use the hashtag #TostitosFiestaRemix are entered to win a Tostitos Fiesta Remix Party Pack on May 5, complete with a one-of-a-kind 5-carat gold Tostitos Scoop necklace and a year’s worth of Tostitos. Three additional runners-up will also win a custom Tostitos Loteria Kit, complete with Tostitos chips and dips. For official rules and how to enter, visit

“Music and dance are my favorite way to express myself, so being able to partner with Tostitos to create this Loteria TikTok challenge has been so fun,” said Reyes. “I cannot wait to see how others interpret these different challenges and try something new this year for their Cinco de Mayo festivities. Why not mix it up?”

To learn more about Fiesta Remix and find even more ideas for all your summer get-togethers, head to or follow Tostitos on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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Q&A with Sofia Reyes 

Q) Tell me a little about partnering with Tostitos and what the Fiesta Remix campaign is about and what you’re most excited about.
A) First of all when my team told me about this campaign, I got super excited. It’s so important that whoever I collaborate with, I want to feel myself, and with Tostitos it was perfect. I love Tostitos in my life—not only did I grow up eating Tostitos, but I eat them to this day. When they mentioned Danny Trejo, I got super excited. I’ve always wanted to work with him. I love that this campaign celebrates Latinos and Hispanic culture, but also life in general. I’m really excited for all of you to see the commercial, dive into the TikTok campaign and explore the entire campaign

Q) How can fans be involved? What do you hope to see from this campaign?
A) Fans can get involved in so many ways. First of all the TikTok challenge, which is super fun. I really would love for people to try it out—I loved it. There’s also a winner who will win a Fiesta Remix Party Pack. So we’re going to be watching all of the TikToks fans are going to be doing and I’m excited about that. They can also get involved by celebrating life and trying Tostitos out. There are so many amazing flavors and options. My favorite Tostitos flavor is the Salsa Verde.
Q) What’s it like to work with Danny Trejo?
A) Working with Danny was amazing. I really wanted to meet him. He is such a loving person. I loved that he was having so much fun, he was super chill, he was killing it. He’s a natural actor—he would do all these things and it just felt comfortable for him. He also came to me with an album of a project that he did, he also invited me to Trejo’s Tacos. He’s someone that I really admire and he has beautiful values. I hope I keep working with Danny in the future.
Q) What can we expect from you next?
A) I just released my album, and a new song with Angeles Azules—to have a song with them is such an honor. I also have a song coming out with the band Train. I’m working on my album and music. Right now I’m with my family, then I’ll come back to LA and be in creative mode. I’m also working on live shows—I can’t wait to start touring.
Q) How did TikTok impact your music/career/fans?
A) TikTok is impressive. It’s impressive how this platform keeps growing and growing and how it reaches so many people around the world. I’ve done TikTok challenges for new songs which was a way for more people to discover me and my music. A song I did three years ago became super viral now—the song grew in numbers big time. It’s just impressive how TikTok is able to do that. The TikTok community is a beautiful community. I’ve been learning how to use it and how to have fun with it—and to show myself in the most authentic way.
Q) What is it like to be a musician on TikTok?
A) It’s great—you have so many tools you can play with. For example, I saw a video of someone playing the guitar and a lyric came to me and I made a short song out of it. Sharing my music via TikTok is also a great thing—there is so much you can do.