SpongeBob is Gay, and All Birthdays Matter- Sunday Roundup

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Hello WT friends and fam and welcome back to another episode of the WT Sunday Roundup. 

I am here to hit you with all of the things we missed this week. Without further ado let’s jump right into it. 


Today (June 14) is President Trump’s birthday. But in light of everything that he has ever done the internet has decided that ALL birthdays Matter. And they don’t just mean all people who were born on June 14, but all people born, any day. The hashtag was trending on Twitter all day in a reaction to President Trump and several other members of the right claiming that “all lives matter”, in an attempt to delegitimize the Black Lives Matter movement

So, instead of celebrating the birthday of the president take today to remember all of the people that should have had more birthdays than they got. Breonna Taylor.  George Floyd. Tamir Rice.  Amhaud Arbery. Trayvon Martin. And the countless others that have been killed by police. 



Catchy Tik Toks are trying to Tackle Racism and Corporate America’s inaction  



Over the past month, TikTok has become a hub of information for the Black Lives Matter movement. An app that was once used for catchy dances from Teen Beach Movie is now being used for Black creators to share information on protests, and attempt to educate their audiences with their ever-growing platforms. 


One TikTok user @joyoladokun is calling out corporations and their inaction during this time singing “Graphic design is the cure to racism, graphic design it will make the world fair” and then noting how quick companies are to release graphics of intersectionality and immediately go right back to the racist status quo practices that they were doing before. 

Watch the TikTok and follow @JoyolaDokun here!



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Spongebob is Gay??? 


In a tweet, the other day Nickelodeon, the creator of Spongebob announced that the beloved character was gay. Well rather, they insinuated it and then stopped replying to any questions that the internet had. But the verdict is up to you. Here is a peek at Pride Month Spongebob and you can make your choice. 



That is all we’ve got for you this Sunday! Comment below what y’all think about all of the stories we covered this week. Was there anything that we missed?

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