Spotify Embraces New Era of Spotlighting Up-and-Coming Talent in Video Podcasts

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, Spotify has emerged as a pivotal platform, continuously advancing its capabilities to cater to creators and audiences alike. Recently, the company has focused on integrating video into its podcast offerings, marking a significant evolution in how users engage with content.

Speaking to What’s Trending’s at Vidcon powered by PRophet, Spotify emphasized that video has swiftly become integral to Spotify’s global experience, offering new avenues for creators to connect with their audiences on a deeper level. From the beta launch of music videos to experimental video-based learning courses in the U.K., Spotify has steadily invested in expanding its video offerings. However, it’s within the podcasting realm where video has truly made its mark. With more than 170 million users engaging with video podcasts on Spotify, the medium has demonstrated exponential growth and popularity.

The introduction of video podcasts on Spotify dates back to 2020, initially limited to select shows before expanding to nearly every market. This expansion has democratized access to video podcasting, allowing non-hosted podcast creators to upload video content directly to the platform for the first time. As a result, creators worldwide have embraced the format to enhance engagement with their fan bases.

The impact of video on podcast consumption cannot be overstated. Currently, over 250,000 video podcast shows are available on Spotify, comprising more than half of the top 20 podcasts. Major shows like ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and ‘Call Her Daddy’ have adopted video, leveraging the format to deepen audience connections and expand their reach. Globally, daily streams of video podcasts on Spotify have surged by over 39% year-over-year, underscoring the format’s growing popularity.

Jordan Newman, Head of Content Partnerships at Spotify, highlighted the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experience through video integration: “Spotify is always evolving to better serve our users and drive success for creators. Video adds an additional layer of authenticity and connection for fans, which is reflected in increased audience retention when creators incorporate video.”

The platform’s support for creators extends beyond content hosting, encompassing robust partnership programs tailored to both established and emerging talents. Through its managed partner program, Spotify collaborates closely with top podcasters and media entities across diverse genres, facilitating audience growth, feature exploration, and monetization strategies.

Moreover, Spotify actively nurtures emerging creators through initiatives like the Rising Creator program, which identifies and supports promising talents. This commitment underscores Spotify’s role in fostering innovation and diversity within the podcasting community.


Reflecting on Spotify’s partnership strategies, Newman noted the platform’s transition from exclusive content deals to more inclusive models aimed at broadening market reach and enhancing audience engagement. Despite evolving partnership dynamics, Spotify remains pivotal in distributing and monetizing content through platforms like Spotify for Podcasters and Megaphone, benefitting creators and enterprise publishers alike.

Looking ahead, Spotify continues to innovate with plans to enhance its video capabilities and introduce new features designed to empower creators and enrich listener experiences. The platform’s upcoming video-related Masterclass, featuring industry experts, underscores Spotify’s dedication to supporting creators in maximizing their impact.

For aspiring creators seeking to establish a presence on Spotify, Newman emphasized the importance of consistency, collaboration, and audience feedback. Regular, scheduled releases foster habitual consumption, while cross-promotion with complementary podcasts amplifies audience reach through shared networks. Additionally, creators are encouraged to evolve their content strategy based on audience insights and market trends, leveraging formats like video to enhance promotional efforts and broaden audience appeal.

In summary, Spotify’s proactive approach to integrating video into its podcast ecosystem exemplifies its commitment to innovation and creator empowerment. As the platform continues to evolve, creators can expect enhanced tools, resources, and support aimed at maximizing their influence and forging meaningful connections with audiences worldwide.

“While exclusive video partnerships like ‘Call Her Daddy’ have been impactful, our current strategy emphasizes broader distribution and monetization opportunities,” the representative clarified. “Through platforms like Spotify for Podcasters and Megaphone, we facilitate hosting, distribution, and revenue generation for a wide range of creators and enterprise publishers.”

Coverage from Vidcon by What’s Trending powered by PRophet


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