Spotify Expands Social Features with Podcast Comments, Eyes Future Integration for Music Artists

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Spotify, known primarily for music streaming, is pushing further into the realm of social networking with its latest move: introducing comments on podcasts. This development marks a significant step toward enhancing user interaction within the app beyond music, incorporating features like Polls, Q&As, and now comments, which allow podcasters to engage directly with their audience.

The introduction of comments on podcast episode pages follows Spotify’s 2023 app overhaul, which introduced features reminiscent of social media platforms like TikTok. This includes a discovery feed for content, artist profiles that integrate merchandise sales and concert tickets, and the ability to post stories. These additions are shaping Spotify into a comprehensive audio-centric social network.

Looking ahead, the question arises whether Spotify will extend similar interactive features to music artists. The potential to add comments to artist pages could further deepen fan engagement, leveraging the larger and more active fan bases typically associated with musicians.

When queried about the possibility of expanding comments to artist pages, Spotify’s VP of Podcast Product, Maya Prohovnik, neither confirmed nor denied the idea outright. She indicated that any such decision would be driven by what best serves the format and the creators.

Comparatively, Apple attempted to integrate social networking into its music platform with Ping in 2010, described by Steve Jobs as “Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes.” Despite initial enthusiasm, Ping failed to gain traction and was discontinued in 2012. Apple’s subsequent effort, Connect, met a similar fate, highlighting the challenges of integrating social features into a music service.

In contrast, Spotify has taken a more gradual approach, avoiding bold declarations about building a social network while steadily enhancing social features. The company’s strategy includes in-app video feeds, inspired by TikTok, and features like Spotify Clips for short videos, Countdown Pages for new releases, and annual campaigns like Spotify Wrapped.

CEO Daniel Ek acknowledged TikTok’s influence on Spotify’s strategy during the company’s Q1 2024 earnings, emphasizing the importance of improving user experience based on market trends.


With the addition of comments, Spotify envisions an app where users actively engage with content, sharing opinions and feedback akin to traditional social networks. These enhancements position Spotify not just as a music streaming service, but as a platform competing for user engagement and advertising revenue against larger social media networks.

As Spotify continues to evolve its social features, it remains to be seen how these developments will impact user engagement and the platform’s competitive position in the broader digital landscape. The integration of comments on podcasts is a pivotal step toward realizing Spotify’s vision of a dynamic, interactive audio-centric platform.

Spotify’s strategic expansion into social features underscores its ambition to redefine the digital audio experience, bridging the gap between music streaming and social networking in a way that resonates with both creators and listeners alike.

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