TikToker Sparks Debate After Saying She Gets Paid More to Work Less at a Target Starbucks

Corporate Starbucks or Target Starbucks?
By Savannah Moss

In a recent viral TikTok, user Anna claims that she does less work and is paid $15 an hour, stating that she thinks working for a Starbucks inside Target is easier than working for a corporate Starbucks. The video, which now has 18 thousand likes and 350 comments, is very divisive as both former and current Starbucks employees weigh in on which they think is easier or requires more work.


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The debate 

As mentioned, many did not seem to agree with Anna, disagreeing that it was not less work. One commenter wrote,”‘Less work’ always understaffed, no breaks, no tips, you had to work bar & register at the same time & also restock EVERYTHING in one shift.” Others also stated that working for a Starbucks inside a Target might mean they get fewer benefits.

Image: @Annalovescoffee | TikTok

Others argued for working with a corporate Starbucks due to free food and not having to work by themselves. Anna agreed to these benefits but noted that her Starbucks was slow and she enjoyed the extra pay. Other people also noted that their pay is also high with working at corporate Starbucks, but Anna states that she was only paid $9.50 when working there.

Image: @annalovescoffee | TikTok


Overall, the comments seemed to be divided and based on experience and different districts. While some corporate employees were starting with higher pays like $15-16, others were still only being paid $12. It also depends on how busy Starbucks gets, as Anna notes that she does not mind working by herself as she hardly has long lines, while others noted that they had to defeat these lines by themselves. It seems as if it is a personal preference, and also based on where you live and if your location would be busy or not. Still, I was not expecting this quite of a debate when it comes to which Starbucks location is more beneficial.