Watch Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, and Casey Neistat Prank the Press

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  • Remember Jennifer Lawrence pranking Smosh? Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are getting in on the press junket prankster racket, too — and the results are fantastically funny.

    Roberts and Franco agreed to let YouTube genius Casey Neistat (who, last time we checked, was wakeboarding in a tux through Amsterdam) and his merry band of pranksters put an earpiece in each of their ears and feed them instructions. What do Neistat and co. make Roberts and Franco do? You’ll have to watch the video to find out, but it involves the words “Mommy needs a drink.”

    While this isn’t the only prank of its kind — there’s a similar recurring bit on The Ellen Show that later got turned into ABC’s Repeat After Me — it’s one of the funniest examples of it I’ve seen. The interviewers, Clevver TV’s own Erin Robinson and Joslyn Davis, are especially good sports about all the weirdness thrown their way, too.

    Of course, Roberts and Franco aren’t subjecting themselves to public humiliation just for fun. They’re promoting the upcoming Lionsgate thriller movie Nerve, in which they both star. (Casey Neistat makes a cameo appearance, too!) Peep the trailer below, and check out Nerve in theaters July 27th.

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