Tekzilla’s Patrick Norton Geeks Out Over 3D Printers At Samsung CES 2014

  • Tekzilla host Patrick Norton joins What’s Trending at the Samsung Smart Lounge at CES 2014 to chat about the latest trends the including 3D printers, 4K TVs and convergence tech.

    Norton takes us back to when MakerBot was first debuting 3D printers, and the new tech was getting heat for just being a novelty that prints out toys and tchotchkes. But he notes that once people saw that these machines could actually print prosthetics for small children, that 3D printing was recognized as more of a game-changer.

    He says, “50 cents of plastic gives a child the ability to grasp and grip things.” He adds, “Another kid saw the first kid who had a problem with his hand, and he printed his own 3D hand himself with a printer at his school.”

    He also tells us about the latest developments with home automation devices. Imagine texting your fridge to see if there’s any beer left? And like most other tech experts we’ve had on the show this week, Norton takes some time to geek out about those 4K TVs and video capabilities.

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