Here’s Why Vine Superstar Brittany Furlan Got Banned From Target

  • If you frequent the Target on La Brea and Santa Monica in LA, you won’t be seeing Vine’s famous Brittany Furlan any time soon…or ever, since she revealed that she was recently banned from the store.

    “I just got banned from Target yesterday. I still love them. How? Because I’ve creeped on too many people there,” she says. “They were really nice about it. They were not rude at all about it. I guess they got too many complaints from the customers.”

    She also tells us about getting started and building a following on Vine. “I literally started posting videos seven months ago to this day,” she says. “I was planning to just have fun on the app and it literally just started building itself.”

    “A lot of the time it’s spur of the moment,” she says of whether or not she plans ahead. “Like if it’s somebody I want to creep on or prank, it’s usually spur of the moment.”

    Now, she’s working with a company called Collab, which is taking her Vine videos and making compilations to upload to YouTube. “I’m working on it right now,” she says of transitioning to YouTube. “It takes a lot more time for sure…Vine is just so easy to me.”

    Though she thinks people can use both Vine and Instagram video, she’s not so into the new Instagram developments. “I feel like people are on Instagram to look at pictures.” Still, she says. “Vine’s my home base.” She adds, “The looping factor is what makes it awesome. If Instagram decides to add loops, then we might have a problem.”