Natasha Leggero Gets Naked For Her New “Tubbin’ With Tash” Series On JASH

  • While she was on What’s Trending with her fellow cast members from Comedy Central’s “Brickleberry,” Natasha Leggero admitted that it gets hot and steamy on her new YouTube show, “Tubbin’ With Tash,” premiering October 2 on JASH.

    “I interview people in my hot tub,” she explains. “There are a few people this season who are naked. It is clothing optional.”

    She adds, “People get really relaxed. We have drinks. It gets kind of intimate, steamy, sexual.” And it’s actually her own hot tub! Now, she just has to get the cast of “Brickleberry” on the show. “We could all do it naked,” Natasha says. “If my guests get naked, I get naked.”

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