Student Accidentally Calls Teacher “Professor What’s His Nuts” on Paper

Student Zoey Oxley forgot to replace her college professor, John Hendel's, name on her paper and accidentally handed in a dissertation where she called her professor Professor What's His Nuts.
By Alex Firer

Relationships with your college professor are defined by the incredible and vast gulf between their incredible serious demanors, and the college student’s innate goofiness. This story is a prime example of this, when professor John Hendel (@HendyHendel on Twitter) posted that he got an e-mail from a student apologizing for not replacing his name in the paper, which he did not thing much of, until he got to the name in question and saw it was… Professor What’s His Nuts.

Ah, old Professor What’s His Nuts. Tenured professor What Are His Nuts (that’s his proper name, What’s his nuts is just a fun little nickname). And jeez, such exciting slang! These feel like one of these future teens from Batman Beyond, always using fun new slang to explain the problems fo the day.

And in case you were wondering if this story was true or false (because you’re the kind of guy or gal who has a hard time someone can get someone’s name wrong or some other weird quirk of your o doubt otherwise charming and pleasant presence), then you should check out the receipts! Yup, this lady kept the receipts! So if you want to see a professor be called “Professor What’s His Nuts”, this next Tweet is absolutely for you!

There you go, Professor What’s His Nuts. Now, just let us know what the student got so we can all go to back having lived an exciting and viarious life through your incredible story of getting called What’s Hit Nuts and her incredible story of calling a person What’s His Nuts. And frankly, your incredible tale of reading my extremely perfect entry of a student calling someone What’s His Nuts. I mean, Hollywood, get out your check book! I am ready to write the movie of this story!

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