TikTokers Call Out Taco Bell Management & DoorDash Delivery Employees

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Source: @atlas_070, @goodestboiollie, @katelyn8560 on TikTok.

A TikTok posted by @goodestboiollie shows them confronting a “Karen” manager working at a KFC and Taco Bell combination joint who was allegedly mistreating employees. The video has reached over 500,000 views since it was posted on June 20 and has gained nearly 80,000 likes.

While it’s not clear what the manager allegedly said to her employees, @goodestboiollie described it as “disgustingly bad” and claimed it was “not the first time either”.

@goodestboiollieKaren KFC manager on a power trip. Nothing worse than hating work because of a boss ##badmanager ##badcustomerservice ##karen♬ original sound – OllieBoi ????

Comments from the video praise the TikToker for calling out the Taco Bell manager’s rude behavior. Many viewers even commended or sympathized with the staff members; some said that there was nothing worse than hating your job because of a boss.

On July 1st, @goodestboiollie posted an update claiming that the manager has actually been fired–an outcome desired by many commenters. Many others also hoped that the manager would take time to reflect on herself.

DoorDash Worker Dashes Off With Taco

On June 10th, TikToker @katelyn8560 discovered her DoorDash delivery ripped open; upon further inspection, she realized her Dorito Locos Taco was missing. At first, she brushed it off as it was “common” and she could just get a “little refund, call it day”.

@katelyn8560LITERALLY CAUGHT HER RED HANDED ???????????????????????? #greenscreen #doordash #GossipGirlHere #DLT♬ original sound – katelyn haun


When she got the “drop off photo”, however, it became clear that the DoorDash driver had eaten the Dorito Locos Taco. “Y’all! Tell me that ain’t Dorito dust on this woman’s fingers,” @katelyn8560 narrates. “Tell me, y’all! Tell me this woman didn’t eat my taco, now.”

The video reached over 1 million views with numerous comments enjoying a quick laugh at the TikToker’s discovery. Others who allegedly work for DoorDash wanted “justice” so the honest Dashers can have more work.

The TikToker even claims she tipped the DoorDasher 30%. Yet, some alleged DoorDashers accused the video of being fake “just to get likes.” In response, @katelyn8560 posted a follow-up TikTok showcasing the full message and DoorDash reimbursement for the missing taco.

This isn’t the only time a DoorDasher was caught on camera for “fake delivering” food to the recipient’s house. On June 17th, TikToker @atlas_070, posted a TikTok of his experience ordering food from DoorDash. The video now has over a million views.

@atlas_070##stolen ##stolenfood ##doordash ##bruh ##fypシ ##xbzcba ##viral my DoorDash person stole my food♬ original sound – atlas

Despite attempts to fake a “drop off photo”, security footage caught the DoorDasher driving away with the food package in her car. Later the Dasher was allegedly fired and the creator of the TikTok video was given a refund along with a free meal (which was sadly messed up).


Coincidentally, Taco Bell seems to be the “common thread” of these events but what really stands out from them is how employees have been treated and act lately. Whether it’s from DoorDash or Taco Bell, it doesn’t matter because human labor is key for these businesses and how we treat them is essential.

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