Tana Mongeau Hints at TanaCon 2.0 in New TikTok

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There hasn’t been an event scandal in a while. Soon we might be having flashbacks to 2018. And not just a new Black Panther movie or Beyonce album but a critical event in Youtube history—TanaCon.

TanaCon was storytime YouTuber and controversial influencer, Tana Mongeau’s meet-and-greet convention was made to oppose Vidcon. Mongeau had posted an 18-minute video logging all the reasons why she would not attend Vidcon anymore(she has since made appearances at the convention).


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TanaCon ultimately failed due to poor management leaving guests outside in the California heat for hours and not delivering on the promised appearances of notable Youtubers like Bella Thorne and Shane Dawson (ahh 2018). Now four years and one professional documentary later and the internet can not forget TanaCon.

Mongeau recently posted to TikTok about receiving an offer for TanaCon 2.0. “I’ve obviously received this offer a lot but it really is the first one that kinda? makes? sense?”, her caption teasingly states.


ive obviously recieved this offer a lot but it really is the first one that kinda? makes? sense?

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Shane Dawson, who made his own YouTube docus-series about the aftermath of TanaCon, comments on TikTok advising Mongeau to “get people who came last time in for free”.

Mongeau replied in a video saying “Does this mean this actually has to happen?”.

Many of the comments range from excitement to absolute horror at the thought of another TanaCon. Would there be better planning or even any planning at all? Should things from 2018 stay in 2018?



Youtuber Swell Entertainment grew a following from her video recounting her experience as a TanaCon attendee. She responded to Mongeua’s TikTok intrigued at the possibility of more TanaCon.


#greenscreen hell if you need a consultant hit me up #tanacon #swellentertainment #eventreviews

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Despite the sunburn and lies, Swell is down for TanaCon 2.0 in all its chaotic potential. Like many commenting, Swell wants more plaaning and thought into the event but she will go so “other people don’t have to”.

If TanaCon 2.0 does happen it could redeem Mongeau on her many previous controversies and win back some old fans. Let’s just hope attendees bring sunblock.

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