Taylor Felt Releases New Song ‘Mirror Mirror’ Alongside Music Video

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Taylor Felt’s music video for her new single, “MIRROR MIRROR,” has officially dropped. 

The singer had a chance to chat with What’s Trending on the inspiration behind the track for her upcoming EP “Dead Flowers”?

Taylor spent two years in the studio working on songs that sound like reading pages out of her private journal, which she hopes will be the soundtrack of people’s self-discovery journey. Ranging from liberation, to loneliness, to self-love, she takes listeners on the rollercoaster of emotions going through a breakup.

Performing and creating from a young age, Taylor has embraced digital platforms to share her art. As an official TikTok ambassador, she has organically grown her audience to over 3.2 million global followers and over 42.4M likes –a few highlights include her Beat Challenge (33.7M views), Open Verse Challenge, (11M views), Christina Aguilera Riff challenge (3.8M views) and so many more.

On creating the video for the track, the singer stated “It was truly the best experience. Maximo Zhang and I directed it and had many zoom calls prior to the shoot day to ensure we were extremely prepared.

Felt went on to add, “It was so wild to watch my mood board come to life, and everything fell into place perfectly without any hiccups. Well, I did wipe out while running in heels so only one hilarious hiccup!”


The musician also admitted that the inspiration came from a classic Disney tale and famous lines that many are familiar with.

Taylor Felt pictured in single "MIRROR MIRROR"
Taylor Felt pictured in single “MIRROR MIRROR” Photo: Taylor Felt

The songstress admitted, “I got inspired by Snow White’s “Mirror mirror on the wall” to create my own version based on the conversations I have with myself in the mirror. Writing this song was therapeutic. I let out all my harbored thoughts about not feeling enough due to society’s standards on women.

Felt also gave some more insight stating, “In the music video, I wanted the dark sunken place to represent my mind as my highest self-getting attacked by negative and self-hating thoughts. I’m still learning to love my reflection every day and I hope this song and music video makes someone feel less alone.”

The artist has more music on the way before the EP “Dead Flowers.” launches this summer.

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