Taylor Swift Allegedly Gifts 100,000 Dollar Bonuses To ‘Eras Tour’ Crew Members

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Workers on various different jobs along Taylor Swift‘s cross country and soon-to-be international “The Eras Tour” told TMZ that they all received $100,000 bonuses for their work. The act of kindness comes ahead of the near end of the U.S. leg of the tour in Los Angeles, California.

Truckers driving merchandise and equipment vehicles were the first to disclose the generous payments. There are approximately 50 truckers employed by Swift for the important task, meaning that the singer could have payed five million dollars to the trucking staff alone. An anonymous source additionally told TMZ that dancers, lighting technicians, sound technicians, caterers, makeup artists, and other jobs were paid generous bonuses, though the amount was not disclosed.

“The Eras Tour” has raked in one billion dollars in sales thus far, and has been credited with helping balance the U.S. economy post-COVID-19 lockdown. The tour is on track to become the highest grossing tour of all time.

Social Media Reactions

Swift is receiving praise for her act of kindness. Amid the ongoing joint WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, IATSE, which represents several crew positions in stage and television productions, continues to strike in New York. Swift’s consideration for her crew members is seen as a beacon of light amid the recent difficult months for many entertainment workers.

Others shared stories about family members and friends who worked on the tour for Swift, stating that they had universally positive experiences.


Others shared memes about their eagerness to apply for a job on Swift’s tour given the high salary benefits.


Throughout the lengthy tour, Swift ambitiously tackles over 40 songs in a three-hour long set composed of material from all 10 of her studio albums. The show is complete with album themed sets, costume changes, and an entourage of back up dancers and band members.

Celebrity Comparisons

Elsewhere, some took the good news as an opportunity to compare tour pay with that other famous artists. Actor Elliot Page‘s ex-wife, choreographer and dancer Emma Portner, once alleged poor treatment at the hands of Justin Bieber. The singer allegedly paid dancers such low salaries that they could not afford to eat.


Others alleged that while Beyoncé frequently works with local charities in the cities she stops in along tour, she does not pay her crew as well as Swift. This claim remains unconfirmed.

The news of Swift’s act of kindness comes amid a mounting lawsuit against Lizzo from three former dancers on her tour team. The dancer’s alleged that they were weight shamed, racially shamed, shamed them for their personal lives, harassed, and paid poorly by Lizzo and her dance team’s captain, Shirlene Quigley.

The Lizzo allegations have Swift’s fans feeling grateful that their favorite singer appears to literally keep her side of the street clean. “The Eras Tour” concludes its U.S. leg at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on August 9.

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