Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Spark Collaboration Rumors After They Were Spotted Leaving Electric Lady Studios Together

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Taylor Swift appeared to return to New York City in between her Philadelphia and Boston shows on “The Eras Tour.” The singer was spotted leaving the legendary Electric Lady Studios alongside her recently rumored boyfriend and the 1975 frontman Matty Healy.

The paparazzi photos and videos sent fans into a frenzy, and it was revealed hours later that Swift and Healy were in the studio alongside several other actors and musicians in their social circle.

Also in the studio were acclaimed producer Jack Antonoff and his fiancé actress Margaret Qualley, actors Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz, Pulitzer-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, Gracie Abrams, Maggie Rogers, and Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast.

Fans of Swift were quick to pick up on Lamar’s attendance, as the rapper was notably featured on a remixed version of “Bad Blood” from her album “1989.” Some suspect that the gathering was a wrap party for the re-rerecords of this album, which has not been announced yet.

The album was notably Swift’s departure from country music and her first time collaborating with artists from various genres in New York City.


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Fan Reactions

As Swift and Healy left together, dating rumors continue to swirl. Some of Swift’s fans are excited at the news of a potential collaboration on the “1989” re-records or their personal relationship, as Healy was also born in 1989. Many noted the sonic similarities between the 1975’s synth pop and this particular Swift album, which would make them a good musical match.



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Others are struggling to excuse Healy’s previous problematic behavior. The singer-songwriter has a complex history with making political statements.

While he has made several gestures in support of the LGBTQ+ community and spoken out against Kanye West’s antisemitism, he has made comments that appear to directly oppose these gestures as well. Fans of Healy are attempting to remind the internet to take his controversies with a grain of salt.


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Healy most recently made racially insensitive comments about indigenous and Asian people in regards to rapper Ice Spice on “The Adam Frieland Show.” He later publicly apologized for the statements on stage at a concert, and swiftly deleted all of his personal social media accounts, after stating that “the era of me being an a**hole is coming to an end.”

Before the Ice Spice controversy, Healy additionally controversially saluted the audience while singing the line “thank you Kanye, very cool” from the band’s track “Love It If We Made It.”


While Healy claimed that the salute was meant to criticize Kanye West’s antisemitism, Jewish viewers felt that it was a highly offensive homage to Nazism. Healy is yet to apologize for this gesture.

Jewish TikTok creator Danielle Silverstone broke down the incident, and explained why it is important for people to not surround themselves with others who appear to condone antisemitism.


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Healy’s Excuse

Matty Healy performs as his alter ego Truman Black on stage during the 1975’s tour. The character is meant to poke fun at himself and the toxic masculinity of rockstars at large. He frequently refers to his controversies as “performance art” in order to separate himself from the comments.

Fans of both Swift and Healy are recognizing that this explanation may just not cut it anymore, as several of his comments came before the recent performing style change.


She definitely speaks up because she feels like she has to but thats what happens when you gain a huge platform. But, at the end of the day, shoving away your POC fans isn’t all that great either #taylorswift #mattyhealy1975

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In addition to the controversies of the past year, a Buzzfeed article reported on a previous comment that Healy once made about viewing pornography that brutalized Black women. Fans are becoming upset at Swift for being involved with someone with a history of allegedly racist comments and actions. Healy has not commented on the resurfaced incident or corrected his prior statement.

The surprising pairing has fans wondering if Healy is music’s newest anti-hero or simply a villain.

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