Taylor Swift Lookalike Ashley Leechin Criticized For Impersonating Swift In ‘Social Experiment’

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Ashley Leechin has built a massive online following for her uncanny likeness to famed singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

What began as a harmless internet doppelgänger moment quickly turned into something darker. Fans of Swift and critics of Leechin accuse the TikTok creator of undergoing numerous plastic surgeries to look more like the singer, and of using her likeness to Swift for her own personal gain.

Recently, Leechin wore an outfit similar to Swift’s personal style and wore hair extensions made to match Swift’s current haircut, and walked around a mall in Los Angeles pretending to be her. Leechin even walked into the mall surrounded by fake security guards for the full effect.

Leechin participated in the stunt in collaboration with YouTube creator Vic In The Game. Vic is known for his pranks and social experiments. A teaser clip from the full video has already gained viral traction on TikTok and Twitter, as it revealed that the digital creator was kicked out of the mall over the stunt.


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♬ bad idea right? – Olivia Rodrigo

The experiment concept is sparking mixed reactions across the internet.


Reactions To Mallgate

Some assert that Leechin’s Taylor Swift act is bizarre and exploitative. Leechin’s online persona aside, many further express the fallacy of Leechin and Vic’s argument–that Swifties are out of control.


While many agree that stalking Swift in her personal life is inappropriate, some felt that Leechin’s mall performance was not equitable to the recent mob of fans outside of Jack Antonoff’s wedding. One TikTok creator pointed out that Swift’s fans who saw Leechin in the mall were naturally excited to see their favorite singer in their own environment.


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Some feel that Leechin’s stunt could have taken attention away from the real Taylor Swift that day, which could have been beneficial, as the star was attending close friends Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley’s wedding.



Leechin’s Response

Leechin continues to speak out on the backlash she received for impersonating Swift. She continues to assert that Swift’s fans are the problem, and not herself. She went on to claim that she does not identify as a Swiftie, and that she finds the online fans “cliquey.”

The actress and digital creator then posted a video of herself lip synching along to Swift’s “Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince” in an effort to appear unbothered by the negative commentary.


After being further slammed for her participation in the social experiment, Leechin shared a lengthy Instagram caption once more defending her choices.



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Leechin is an actress, and claimed that impersonating Swift was simply another role for her. Swift is yet to comment on the Ashley phenomenon, but fans think it is her time to go.

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