Taylor Swift Said She Feels Like Her “Life Finally Makes Sense” Amid Mounting Matty Healy Controversy

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Taylor Swift stopped in Foxboro, Massachusetts at Gillette Stadium for “The Eras Tour” this weekend. The singer songwriter continued to enchant audiences of thousands with her multi-faceted show, which encompasses nearly her entire 10-album strong catalogue. Just before singing the song “Question…?” from her most recent “Midnights” album, she spoke to the audience in a more personal manner.

Swift played the track acoustically during the “surprise song” section of the show. As she smiled at the rain-soaked crowd, she stated that her “life finally feels like it makes sense.” She thanked concertgoers for being a part of her happiness.


Given recent developments in her personal life, fans interpreted the speech in numerous different ways.

Internet Reactions

While some fans took the speech as a simple positive gesture towards the audience, others took it as a strong statement on Swift’s alleged personal relationship. Some sense that Swift made the statement in an attempt to get fans to stop criticizing her alleged boyfriend Matty Healy. Healy has attended several of Swift’s shows on “The Eras Tour”, even performing with opening act Phoebe Bridgers.

The rumors began shortly after Swift’s breakup with longtime boyfriend actor Joe Alwyn. The pair were in a relationship for six years, and the reason for the ending remains unclear. Several of Swift’s close personal friends unfollowed Alwyn on social media after the reported split, with actor Ryan Reynolds even posting the 1975’s song “Chocolate” on his Instagram story in what appeared to be a quiet sign of support.



The Healy Heat

Healy has been involved in a string of his own controversies prior to his alleged relationship with Swift. While the singer has apologized for some of his offensive gestures (notably, to rapper Ice Spice, who he insulted on “The Adam Friedland Show”), his ambiguous views are rubbing Swifties and onlookers alike the wrong way.

While Healy has stood up for numerous progressive causes, including reproductive rights, fighting antisemitism, and putting an end to American police brutality, he has made equal commentary on the same issues from a right-leaning perspective. While many of these gestures were allegedly intended to satirize right-wing politicians, fans of the 1975 and new listeners are starting to feel that there are more effective ways to criticize these polarizing political figures.


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These gestures included what some perceived to be a Nazi salute during a concert, and his comments from years ago in which he stated that dating Swift would be “emasculating.” Last week, a viral Buzzfeed report also took a look at Healy’s comments on consuming adult films that brutalized Black women. Healy is yet to clarify these comments.

The article shook social media, with many demanding that fans of both artists hold themselves accountable, and debates about para social relationships and activism took over TikTok. Swift speaking on her desire to engage in progressive activism in her Netflix documentary “Miss Americana” continues to spark confusion in fans over her association with Healy, whatever that may be.


Replying to @mynamesdash #taylorswift #lgbtq for the sake of the 3 minute time limit, this is ignoring the atrocious actions of MH and Taylor then choosing to associate with him, and instead focusing on HER actions exclusively. But I still recognize how he has harmed POC with his statements and why her POC fans would feel betrayed by her association with him.

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Taylor Swift And Activism

While some are questioning Swift’s ethics given her association with Healy, others argue to listeners that these actions were committed by Healy, and that he is the one that owes the public a comprehensive explanation. The discourse is furthering conversations regarding the importance of intersectional feminism in the entertainment industry.


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As “The Eras Tour” continues to sparkle across the U.S., listeners are questioning whether Miss Americana and her alleged Heartbreak Prince will speak on the controversies that social media is continuing to escalate.

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