Taylor Swift Trends on Twitter as Fans Celebrate Her Birthday

Happy Taylor Swift's birthday to all who celebrate.
By Savannah Moss
Taylor Swift | Twitter

#HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift trends already on Twitter as excited fans celebrate Swift’s 32nd birthday. Swift, who had a very busy year with the re-release of her albums “Fearless” and “Red” released Evermore, which was recently nominated for a Grammy, this time last year in the celebration of her birthday.

How fans are celebrating

Today, Twitter celebrates with Swift as they make things like “#Swiftie” and “#TaylorSwift” trend. Many are looking back at Taylor’s past celebrations, even posting photos of Swift before her iconic bangs transformation.

Others are talking about how Swift did not celebrate the birthday of her recently nominated album “Evermore.” In fact, many were confused as to why Taylor Swift seemingly ignored the birthday of “Evermore” as it recently was nominated for a Grammy, and others who worked on the album celebrated it.

Even Brie Larson, who once posted a cover of one Swift’s newest song, “Nothing New” jumped on to wish Taylor Swift a happy birthday.


Brie Larson was not the only one to jump in and celebrate with her excited fans! The Tonight Show reposted a video of her with Jimmy Fallon to celebrate. The video was the iconic one taken after her laser eye surgery that her mother sneakily took and sent.

Even Ellen celebrated as well, making a joke about her song “22” but replacing “32” in reference to her birthday.

All in all, fans were excited to look back on our favorite Taylor Swift songs, albums, and past celebrations.