WT VIDEO: Teens Have Machete Fight In Mall

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Pretend you’re at the mall. You’re walking out of Claire’s, you just got your ears pierced. You walk by some kids fighting each other with machetes and there’s blood on the ground, and then you head to the food court to get some Sbarro’s pizza. Just a typical day at the mall.

No but this actually really happened. Three 18 year old boys broke out in a machete fight in a mall in Luton, England. By the way they’re all alive. And they’re all in jail. There was blood on the floor. And oh yeah there were people just… walking by. Casual.

I would run for my life if I saw that.

So reportedly they were fighting over a girl. Which seems really extreme.

If you watch the video, you can see in the video they’re stabbing each other Hopping around actually really energetic, clearly adrenaline is running through their veins. Then the mall guards are talking to them. And the one guy falls to the ground slipping on blood.

It doesn’t seem like that many people are phased by it. They’re just walking by nothing’s happening.

So evidently after they chilled out for a moment security took them to a more “discreet” part of the mall. Which sounds to me like they settled the rest of this in a JC Penney’s bathroom or something. So this is what happened. They were supposedly in two separate groups. And then they encountered each other outside of Greggs Bakery.


One of the teens instigated the fight. There’s always an instigator. In a quote from the prosecutor: “The knife fight was instigated by Stephens. He bent his arm reached to his waistband and produced a large kitchen knife and stabbed Mr Pobi Da Silva in the left arm.”

One of the teens also got stabbed in the leg, and it could’ve been a life threatening injury. So all the teens did survive and they also were all sentenced to prison. One of the teens was sentenced to 5 years, one was sentenced to 12 months, and the third teen 7 and a half years.

Seems suspicious to me they somehow just happened to confront each other outside of Gregg’s Bakery. Also suspicious that all 3 of them just happened to have sharp ass knives on them. Kind of seems to me like a “meet me after school at Gregg’s Bakery” situation.

So only two of the knives were recovered. And the third one probably got disposed of when one of the teens fled the scene.

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